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Review: Etude House Skin Malgem Smoother

Wooohooo! At last I manage to grasp some free time to review skin malgem. I realized many have been visiting this blog for Etude malgem review. But for now, I am only going to review on Etude house skin maglem smoother type. There were several types (6 kind actually for this line) toner that Etude house just released: Fresh, Smoother, Moist, Deep Moist, Essential and Emulsion. They one that I bought is the one that Onew (Shinee) represented (though I am actually fan of Key and Taemin.. hehe). I bought this for only $16.90 shipped from korea. I'm not sure how much it will cost in other country and Singapore. I think this line is yet to be released in local store. But I am sure that it will around $30 or less. (Korean skin products tend to be more expensive in overseas)

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Etude House Malgem

Hey guys great news!! My Etude House malgem just arrived! Keep a lookout for my review for both Laneige Oil-free sunscreen and Etude House Malgem. I will review it as soon I complete my test. Hehehe <3


Location: Fernvale Link, Singapore
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New face products!

Hey guys my Laneige sun block oil-free has finally arrived! Will review it once I've tried it a few times 🆗 Sayonara!~

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Review: TonyMoly Berry Berry Nutrivive Face Scrub

I know I promised to review this product  a week ago but I've been so busy with school work :(
Nevertheless, here goes...

I bought TonyMoly Berry Berry Nutrivive Face Scrub for S$10 per 150ml. It's dirt cheap!! So I thought I should give it a try. I never had any proper face scrub anyway. I'm not sure if this can be found in Singapore outlets though.

The big tube of face scrub
The tube is sealed when first received
Make sure the product has the authentic TonyMoly  seal  (sticker)

The scrub has of maroon/black bits in it to help exfoliate the skin. Its not very clear in the picture. I'll say the concentration of the bits is in the mid-range. I usually put about two cm on my finger to scrub my skin since the bits are not a lot. The scrub has this berry smell (not strong though). When you mixed it with water it does not lather, just very little bubbles.

On my first try, the scrub gives little bumps on my nose and cheeks. Probably comes from the effect of exfoliation and I haven't scrub for quite long. The bumps disappears after a day. I do not get those bumps after subsequent use. I usually get lots of white heads on the area below my lip as well as on my chin. After using this face scrub, I realize the white heads has significantly reduce. I'm really happy with it. However it isn't      very effective in reducing black heads on my nose. Gotta use nose pack to remove it. I love the clean feeling after the using the face scrub. My skin is less oily the next day after using the face scrub too.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the product. I'll give 4 out of  5 for this.

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New face scrub

Gonna review it after trying it for a week!

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