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Side-talk getting free samples

Instead of doing the usually review, I would like to tell you more on how to request for sample online. You can easily request for samples through Facebook pages and websites of the products. Below is the list of products where you can get samples!

Cetaphil Singapore - remember to like there Facebook page first. Each NRIC can only request one sample

Kao Singapore - Laurier F pad sample

Bio-essence Singapore - Face lifting cream and Freeze Youth

To be updated...

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Review: Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Solution Eye Treatment Mask

This post is going to be relatively picture heavy as compared to my past post. Today, I am going to review Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Solution Eye Treatment Mask. I bought this from Korean in a pack of 20. This definitely cannot be found in Singapore because Nature Republic has retreated from Singapore few years ago (bummer). Nevertheless, if you are really keen in trying it out, maybe you could try and find it on qoo10 or Nature Republic outlet in Johor Bahru. 

First look

Location: Singapore
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Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Kelp

I bought The Face Shop Real Nature mask sheet bundle set late last year. I think they changed the design of the packaging not too long ago. I reviewed a Face Shop Real Nature Mask before, you can check it out here. I bought the sensitive skin series, this time. I think it cost me about S$22 for a pack of ten. Where else if I were to buy individually mask, it will cost S$2.50 (if I can recollect properly). I tried the kelp mask few days ago. Personally I like the Aloe Vera mask in the sensitive skin series. I used all the aloe vera mask long ago, so I will not be review it unless I buy it again.

The first picture is picture of the back of the box. It states the uses of each mask. So according to the box, the kelp mask 'eliminates skin impurities', 'protects and purifies skin for a clearer complexion'. I always check on my skin after using any mask the night before. In the case of the kelp mask, I did not experience and irritation of breakouts. I feel that the liquid from the mask was absorbed by my skin relatively well. My skin felt smoother too.

Back of the mask box - description of each mask

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Review: Honey by Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum (EDP)

I know this has nothing to do with skin care, however I am still going to review it simply because… I like perfume! I hope that some reader find the information useful.

I never stick to one type perfume. Right after I used up a perfume, I'll get a different one. Today I will be reviewing Honey by Marc Jacobs EDP which I bought at Lotte Duty Free in Incheon Airport (Korea) before boarding the plane. The 100ml bottle cost me about $104 sgd and it comes with a miniature 4ml EDP bottle. I did not know if it is any lower than if I were to buy in Singapore. I just got the hunch that it is cheaper at Lotte. I found out that it cost about $140 in Singapore and I don't think it comes with the complimentary travel size bottle. Boy, I was glad I bought it (finding out that I saved some $$ also helped to reduce my guilt..haha).

In the cute polka dotted boxes

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Review: Tony Moly Blackhead Out Oil Gel

I have heard of hype over this product. Many reviews says that it will work wonders. So I decided to buy it when I visited korea in January (because it is cheaper). I bought the complete pack (total 3 types), but today I will only be reviewing the Blackhead Out Oil Gel.

I really had high expectation when I bought it. Unfortunately, the effectiveness fall short of my expectation. Why? I will tell you more in the later part of the post.

The product has really nice packaging but I kinda feel cheated when I realised that the gel itself it so little compared to the container. I cannot really remember how much it cost in korean won but I do remember it not being cheap. The gel is translucent and has small yellow bits in it. It also has a citrus scent to it.

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