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Review: Za True White Day Protector

Firstly, I really like Za products as it seems to fit my skin type. I've been using Za face wash for years and I really like it. I was actually looking for a sunscreen to protect my skin from sun. Sunscreen is definitely important especially for those living in tropical weather like Singapore. As such, I decided to tryout Za True White Day Protector with SPF 26.

It comes in a cute white tube with pink words imprint on it. As you can see this line comes with Vitamin C and E. Vitamin E is known for its good properties that blocks skin from redness caused by the sun plus it is a good source of anti-oxidant. As for Vitamin C, it gives whitening effect on the skin.

What I like about this product is that the cream is light and have great consistency. I don't need need a huge amount of it to cover up my face. I only need a few dots. 
It also gives a white matte effect on my skin. It makes my skin looks whiter and smooth.

It feels nice on the skin right after I applied it on my face. However, since i have a combination skin type, the sunscreen can be quite drying for certain parts of my face (esp. around my mouth and eye brows) depending on the weather. Whereas, during humid weather condition, it can be really oily and I can feel like something is covering my face (esp. around the T-zone area). It was really uncomfortable.

 If you have combination skin like mine, I would not recommend to use this products. However, you can still purchase this product and directly try it out since skin care products react differently to different skin conditions. :) You can leave comments, if you have any questions to ask me!

Location: Singapore
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