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Review: Nature republic UV Lock Flower SPF 50PA+++

As I have mention in the Nature Republic Bloom Kiss review, my friend has also bought me a nature republic sunscreen/sunblock and I am going to review it now. This sunblock is basically the best sunscreen that I have used at the moment. I really love it to the max. It has a nice smell, compatible for my combination skin type and also does not cause pimple nor breakout. This is a powerful sunblock since it is a sunblock with SPF 50. Generally, it suitable for sunny countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. Higher SPF also means that it is able to shield your skin from most UV rays which is responsible for wrinkles and skin cancer! Let me show you some pictures of the product!

The box

Ingredients. Look out for ingredients that you are allergic to!
The tube (Its 50ml, most likely cant last you for several months)
The sunblock lotion on my skin
The sunblock lotion has a medium like consistency that is able to spread evenly on your skin. Unlike some sunblock it is either too watery (eg. Laneige sunblock) or too thick.
After spreading the lotion on my hand
As you can see the after effect of the lotion is that makes you skin appear slightly lighter than you regular skin tone. The sunblock also smell really nice. I am not good in describing scent... I guess it smell a bit like shampoo. The smell last after 3-5 hours under the sun. PLUS! It really doesn't make skin oily or shiny! I've met tons of sunblock that make you skin appear really shiny and oily... I really hate it!

Thus, I will rate this product 5/5 as it met my requirement of a good sunblock/sunscreen!

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