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Review: Nature Republic Olive Moisturizing Hand Lotion

 Received this hand lotion as a gift from a friend who went Korea. It comes in a 60ml tube which is very convenient to carry around. Here are some pictures.

Nature Republic Olive Moisturizing Hand Lotion
Here's the instruction straight from the back-side of the tube: "After washing hands or when they feel dry, apply an appropriate amount to hands and massage to enhance absorption". When i squeezed out the lotion on my hand, I realized that the lotion is less viscous(thick) compared to those typical lotions which I kind of like and it has subtle smell of olives which stays on you for quite some time (provided the weather is not too humid). My hands did not feel oily after application but a little moist. The amount shown on the picture is enough to cover my both hands. Do take note my hands aren't very dry. I only need hand cream after being in an air-conditioned environment for few hours. So the amount you need might vary from mine.

Overall, I find this product quite okay. I guess it does its job even though I feel that there might me a lot of better hand lotion out there in the market. I'll give 3.5 out of 5.

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