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Review: Laniege Trouble Relief Cream

Today I am join review another item part of the Laneige Trouble Relief series. Previously I wrote a review on Laneige Trouble Relief Spot Gel HERE, which I really recommended. This is time the review will be on Laneige Trouble Relief Cream! I am not sure about the price since it is a gift from my friend. But it should S$50 dollars.

Let's start off with pictures of the product itself

Front view of the box
Back view of the box

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Review: Laneige Trouble Spot Gel Cream

Before I review on skinfood face mask, I will first do a review on Laneige Trouble Spot Gel Cream which I bought together with Laneige Balancing Emulsion. You can find the review for the latter here. I was using the trouble spot gel cream one night and realized that I am about to finish. The a thought hit me 'I better do a review on it soon since it such a good product'. So here I am.

I bought this on impulse when I was in Korea in January since it was cheaper than in local. I did not do any research whatsoever. It surprisingly pretty good.

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Review: Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Point Clear

Remember I said I went on a drugstore haul, so Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Point Clear is part of the haul. I've tried some mentholatum products, they doesn't seem to work on my skin. Decided to give this a try because I couldn't find the pimple cream that I always used. My sister also said that she have seen this product in quite a few japanese magazines.

This acne medicated product (as stated from the packaging) is for pimple care + whitening + pore refining. It comes in a roll-on design which is great because I don't need to use my germy hand to touch my pimples when applying it (urggg I swear you wouldn't one to add more germy buddies on your pimples and let them party there).

 This pimple medicated product is not rlly a cream. When I rolled on my skin a very watery liquid comes out. The liquid is transparent too which means you can use it while you're out without having white precipitate on your skin. My pimples starts to dry out a little (not completely) on my third consecutive day of usage. There is no visible change in my blemishes on the third day too. Maybe it needs more time to see visible change. I will rate this product 3.5/5. I find it effective but not strong enough. It takes too long to lighten blemishes and cure pimples. It is also a little pricey for its quality. I paid SGD 9.90 and I have used a better product which is much cheaper. I will review that product in the future *pinky promise*. Okay toodles for now :)

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Review: Sephora Express - Stop the spot!

Hello again!! It has been a long time since I posted a review. I have actually quite a number of new purchases waiting for my review but I am currently busy for exam preparation. Physics paper tomorrow  X.x.. Hopefully, I will do well.

Today I am going to do a short review my new purchase from Sephora. It is a pimple cream and also a spot remover. Yup it is 2 in 1. (P.S. I just bought a new phone Samsung S2 so the pictures gonna be nicer :) )

Sephora: Stop the spot! 
The back of the tube
 It comes in a small white tube about 15ml. The application of the product is simple and easy. Since it is a tube-like container with a small hole (look at the photo below) you just have to squeeze out the geland apply it any pimple or spot you want. The gel is transparent (trust me it is really transparent) and it smell like errr.. glue? Haha... I'm not joking.

Structure of the tip for easy application
Transparent Gel

My stand for this product is that it is not sticky on the face and does not leave residue on the face like some pimple cream. It is also effective as I can see visible reduction in pimple size and color intensity seems to reduce after several application. Rate: 4/5

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