Review: Faceshop Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel

I recently bought Faceshop Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel. It cost me around S$29 (which is quite cheap for a eye gel/cream). It comes in a cute white and pinkish red tube.

Thefaceshop Raspberry Depuffing Eye Gel
 I was actually looking for affordable eye cream that can reduce my eyebag and dark circles if I were to sleep late. It was easy to use because the tube allow you to squeeze tiny amount of eye gel and apply it under your eye. I would recommend that eye cream/gel user should dab the cream/gel lightly using your ring finger (as the skin under your eye it delicate and you would not want to worsen you eye bag or dark circles).

Closer look at the tube
The cream is white and slightly translucent. Whats good  about this gel is that it is not greasy nor drying and does not clog your pore. As such, it suitable for application at any whether conditions. Many reviewer mentioned that it has a nice smell. However, I personally feel that the eye gel has no fragrance. It is also mentioned at thefaceshop website.
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Squeezed eye gel from tube

My view of this product (after using it for a few weeks) is that it does reduce my puffiness under eye to some extent (my sibling said that the reduction was quite visible). However, it does not reduce my dark circles. I was hoping that it would though I knew that the purpose of the eye gel is not to treat dark circles. Haha! My rating for this product is 4/5. I will buy this product again if I'm unable to find better eye cream. If you have better eye cream that reduce eye bags and dark circles do leave your recommendation under the comment section. Bye!

Location: Singapore
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4 Responses to Review: Faceshop Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel

  1. hi! i'm using this eye gel too. but we have the same problem, dark circles. do you have any recommendations?

    1. I am using hada labo moist eye cream and it seema to be doing well in making my eyes appears brighter and less appearence of wrinkle lines. Maybe you can try it out :)

  2. Can you please tell me the directions for using this gel? I got the sample but don't know when to use (day? night? after cream or toner??)

    1. me toooo .. plz help



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