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Review: The Face Shop Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip

It is the time of the year again, where I get really obsessed with the blackheads of my nose. Usually happens when I am too free. Before anyone reads this post, I would to warn that there are disgusting photos of my blackheads embedded nose below. So if you don't like to see it, I suggest you don't read post haha. 

I am really curious by how people keep their nose blackheads-free. Mine doesn't seem to come off no matter how much exfoliating I do. I decided to try The Face Shop Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip since the typical blackhead strip is not very effective for me. 

First look at The Face Shop Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip

Instructions for Step 1 and 2

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Review: Faceshop Color My Eye Brow

I have thick eye brows and it gets messy at times which can be quite annoying. Thick eye brows that are messy look like caterpillar!

So, I went around to get a hand on brow gel. Conclusion from my hunt was rather disappointing as I realized that it is difficult to get brow gel in Singapore.  

But I manage to get something similar to brow gel and it is called Color My Eye Brow. Yes! I got it from Faceshop. Its pretty affordable but I can quite remember how much is it but i believe that it is below SGD 10. 

I did a mini research and found out that it comes in different color. Unfortunately when I went to faceshop there was only one type and I though that it comes with one color so I just bought it.

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Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Kelp

I bought The Face Shop Real Nature mask sheet bundle set late last year. I think they changed the design of the packaging not too long ago. I reviewed a Face Shop Real Nature Mask before, you can check it out here. I bought the sensitive skin series, this time. I think it cost me about S$22 for a pack of ten. Where else if I were to buy individually mask, it will cost S$2.50 (if I can recollect properly). I tried the kelp mask few days ago. Personally I like the Aloe Vera mask in the sensitive skin series. I used all the aloe vera mask long ago, so I will not be review it unless I buy it again.

The first picture is picture of the back of the box. It states the uses of each mask. So according to the box, the kelp mask 'eliminates skin impurities', 'protects and purifies skin for a clearer complexion'. I always check on my skin after using any mask the night before. In the case of the kelp mask, I did not experience and irritation of breakouts. I feel that the liquid from the mask was absorbed by my skin relatively well. My skin felt smoother too.

Back of the mask box - description of each mask

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Review: Faceshop Guava and Mango Moisture Body Lotion

Sup all. Exams finally over so as promised I will review more products. As i grow older I realized my skin gets dry very easily. Dry skin is bad because your skin will be prone to breakage that way. And your skin is also prone to acne when it's dry. I bought Faceshop Guava and Mango Moisture Body Lotion a month ago to try it. Paid $12-$15 for a 300 ml bottle. It comes in a press on bottle (is that what they call it? ) rather a tub. I think those which comes in a tub are quite unhygienic when you have keep digging for it.
Faceshop Guava and Mango Moisture Body Lotion

Back view

Okay here's my say on this product: the lotion smells more like mango than guava & mango. The smell is really sweet so if you are not fond of sweet smelling products (like me) I suggest you avoid it. After application, the lotion can be a little sticky sometimes but not oily.

Lastly, I feel that the moisturizing effect of the lotion is mediocre. I would rate this product 3.4/5.
I am still looking for a body lotion with a strong moisturizing effect. Do recommend if you know of any.

Oh for those who are still having exams, all the best and remember that "Nothing worth having comes easy" :)

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Review: Faceshop Pure Water Facial Mist Jeju Flower and Jeju Marine

Today I'm going to review on TheFaceShop Pure Water Facial Mist. It comes in 3 types. However, I bought and tried only two of it (JejuMarine & JejuFlower). I simply love it product as it hydrates my skin and does not clog my pore like other moisturizer. As I have mentioned some moisturizer that I've tried before clogged my pores and makes my skin look horrible... my skin will look oily instead of being moisturized. Clogged pores also means more pimple, whiteheads and blackheads (can be quite bothersome to remove and it can make your pore big). Hence, it is important to find the right moisturizer for your skin!

70ml Thefacehop Jeju Marine Facial Mist

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Review: Faceshop Real Nature Mask Pomegranate

Studying has been productive today. No motivation at all! Why me??

I shall review a face mask which I used yesterday night. Maybe I will get back my motivation later though half of the day is gone.

Yesterday night, I used Faceshop Real Nature Mask Pomegranate. It's called 'real nature' mask because it contains 1,000mg of pomegranate extract. Extra facts: eating pomegranate actually helps improve digestive system which may help in preventing acne. Besides the juice has anti-aging properties. Pomegranate is rich in vitamin B1 and B2. The mask is suppose to help in increasing elasticity.
Faceshop Real Nature Mask Pomegranate

Ingredients - always check them if you have sensitive skin!

How it looks like inside

So after using it, I don't find the mask fantastic. The mask does not give the oily trace directly after use it. It doesn't make your skin oily too. But I find the cutting of the mask is a little odd. How should i put it. The    holes for the eyes and mouth is a little too big relative to other mask I've used and the cutting masks it difficult place it nicely on my face. Besides that, my pimples got bigger when I woke up today. Bummer! Maybe the mask does not suit my skin. By the way, I have a combination skin type. And my skin feels a little oily than usually, I'm not sure what it's caused by though. I'll rate this product 2.5/5

That's all for now. I better get back to doing my tutorials, they are waiting for me!

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Review: Faceshop Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel

I recently bought Faceshop Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel. It cost me around S$29 (which is quite cheap for a eye gel/cream). It comes in a cute white and pinkish red tube.

Thefaceshop Raspberry Depuffing Eye Gel
 I was actually looking for affordable eye cream that can reduce my eyebag and dark circles if I were to sleep late. It was easy to use because the tube allow you to squeeze tiny amount of eye gel and apply it under your eye. I would recommend that eye cream/gel user should dab the cream/gel lightly using your ring finger (as the skin under your eye it delicate and you would not want to worsen you eye bag or dark circles).

Location: Singapore
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