Review: Faceshop Color My Eye Brow

I have thick eye brows and it gets messy at times which can be quite annoying. Thick eye brows that are messy look like caterpillar!

So, I went around to get a hand on brow gel. Conclusion from my hunt was rather disappointing as I realized that it is difficult to get brow gel in Singapore.  

But I manage to get something similar to brow gel and it is called Color My Eye Brow. Yes! I got it from Faceshop. Its pretty affordable but I can quite remember how much is it but i believe that it is below SGD 10. 

I did a mini research and found out that it comes in different color. Unfortunately when I went to faceshop there was only one type and I though that it comes with one color so I just bought it.

It works in helping my brows neat and tidy throughout the day. However, I feel that #1 light brown color makes my eyebrows look unnatural so I only apply a small amount to prevent the color from being too obvious. However, if you have a brown color hair and you would like to match your brow color to your hair, you may want to apply more. If you would like to remove it, it can be easily washed away through normal face wash.

The brush is quite stiff and its difficult to apply on my hand. Plus, the color is too light for my liking.
Just to show how it looks like after light application of Color My Eye Brow, I have taken before and after photos below. Pardon for my sleepy looking eye haha.


 My rating for this product is 3.5/5.
Will I buy it again? Maybe. But not this color.

On the side note, I need to fix my eye brows soon :/ 

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