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Review: MJCARE Lemon Essence Mask + Side Talk

Recently, I started watching Moon That Embrace The Sun. I really like the plot and the child actor and actresses. Their acting skills are great to the extent that I was hoping that the child actors/actresses will just continue the plot without replacing them with the adult actors and actresses. Hehe. Well... Maybe they can change the Lee Hwon, Heo Yeon and Seol (because they look slightly kiddish) to the adult version and remain the rest of the cast. I am still waiting eagerly for the episode 7 & 8 to be subbed! XD Can't wait to see the development between Prince Yang Myung and Heo Yeon!

Moon That Embrace The Sun

My Fav Male Cast In The Drama

Heres my review for MJCARE Lemon Mask:

The feel and the essence of the mask is similar to the review stated in my MJACRE Mung-Bean Mask. Whats different about this mask is that it has a crispy lemony smell similar to lemon air freshener smell. (but it is not exactly the same) I'm a huge fan of lemon smell ! The mask was really refreshing when I wore it. And yes it is refreshers my face and moisturizes my skin well. However, there is an anomaly. It also makes my face significantly whiter and I can see that my face is glowing after use. (Even though, the manufacturer did not mentioned that is will whitens my skin. This makes me the love the mask more!) In overall I rate this mask 4/5 since it is a wonderful mask and seriously cheap. Will purchase this again in the near future. Sayonara!

MJCARE Lemon Mask

P.S. For those who are interested in this mask, I actually bought it from gmarket.

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Review: MJCARE Mung-Bean Essence Mask

I've always like to put on facial mask. Its relaxing and does help in improving my complexion. I have to do it more frequently nowadays since stress from university has taken a toll on my skin. I would need to spend lots of money if I were to use brand-name facial mask too often. So I've decided to try on MJCARE Mung-Bean Essence Mask which only cost me S$0.49. Super Cheap!

MJCARE Mung-Bean Essence Mask
Thick essence

Instructions at the back

For those who live in tropical region remember to put it in the fridge before use for an extra refreshing effect!
 As shown the essence is thick, so your face will feel a little sticky after use. For those who doesn't like that I advice you to avoid using it. My face also feels a little uncomfortable and itches a little. Maybe because of the material of the mask. According to the packanging, the mask it supposed to purify, moisturize and brighten your skin. After trying on the mask, I realize it also helps in drying pimples/acne.

Overall I will rate it 3.5 out of 5. I'll say the mask is alright for the price. I'm okay with the stickyness. However, I do not like how my skin feels uneasy while having it on.

I will post more reviews on MJCARE facial mask soon. Do leave comments if you have any questions.

And I know I'm a day late but HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!

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