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Review: Honey by Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum (EDP)

I know this has nothing to do with skin care, however I am still going to review it simply because… I like perfume! I hope that some reader find the information useful.

I never stick to one type perfume. Right after I used up a perfume, I'll get a different one. Today I will be reviewing Honey by Marc Jacobs EDP which I bought at Lotte Duty Free in Incheon Airport (Korea) before boarding the plane. The 100ml bottle cost me about $104 sgd and it comes with a miniature 4ml EDP bottle. I did not know if it is any lower than if I were to buy in Singapore. I just got the hunch that it is cheaper at Lotte. I found out that it cost about $140 in Singapore and I don't think it comes with the complimentary travel size bottle. Boy, I was glad I bought it (finding out that I saved some $$ also helped to reduce my guilt..haha).

In the cute polka dotted boxes

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