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Review: Missha Red Ginseng Sheet Mask

Remember in the previous I mentioned that I will be reviewing the skincare products I received in my Althea package. Well, here is the first one.

I will be reviewing Missha Red Ginseng Sheet Masm today. This is my first time seeing red ginseng being used as one of the ingredients in a skin products. I do know that people consume red ginseng for stamina, but I have never heard of red ginsnsg being applied on skin. I guess the koreans like their ginseng so much that they put it in almost everthing. On a serious note, I actually googled on the benefits of red ginseng on the skin. And I found out that it has a anti-aging properties and helps to rejuvenate the skin. Just what I need after a long day of work!

The facial mask's packaging with dried red ginseng on it

Haha the packaging reminds me of those extract that koreans like to consume for health reasons.

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Upcoming Review: Skincare products from Althea

Look what arrived at my doorstep today! My althea orders!

I needed a new face wash and an eye cream. I choose laneige as the brand of choice since it is the most reliable brand for my skin. So I bought Laneige Multi-cleanser and Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel. Bought it on 11 November because of the additional 11% off because of the singles day :). The item arrived on the 18 November, so it took approximately 7 days to arrive. The order includes a tracking number but the tracking stops once it reaches the distribution centre in singapore (singpost).

Anyway my items were nicely bubble wrap. Here is a picture of the parcel when it arrive. Althea was also generous enough to include samples in the parcel. One of it is a facial mask from Missha and another is skin repair essence.

Nicely bubble wrapped althea box

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Review: The Face Shop Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip

It is the time of the year again, where I get really obsessed with the blackheads of my nose. Usually happens when I am too free. Before anyone reads this post, I would to warn that there are disgusting photos of my blackheads embedded nose below. So if you don't like to see it, I suggest you don't read post haha. 

I am really curious by how people keep their nose blackheads-free. Mine doesn't seem to come off no matter how much exfoliating I do. I decided to try The Face Shop Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip since the typical blackhead strip is not very effective for me. 

First look at The Face Shop Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip

Instructions for Step 1 and 2

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Review: Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask + Brief update about my life

Hello readers! As promised I will be reviewing Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask.

One of pet peeves is having visible white heads or black heads on my skin. I am prone to having white heads on my skin. When I stayed up late consecutively, I will start seeing white heads sprouting on below my lower lip, chin area and sides of my lips. I also get paranoid when that happens, because I fear if people can see it when stand close to me. There are lots of products for black heads but not much product are available for specially white heads. I find Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask relatively effective for my white heads treatment.

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Skinfood Reviews Coming Soon...

Top to bottom: Black Sugar Mask, Egg White Pore Mask, Black Sesame Hot Mask

Skinfood Mask Reviews coming soon…

Do comment if you want me to review them earlier :)

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Review: Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Solution Eye Treatment Mask

This post is going to be relatively picture heavy as compared to my past post. Today, I am going to review Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Solution Eye Treatment Mask. I bought this from Korean in a pack of 20. This definitely cannot be found in Singapore because Nature Republic has retreated from Singapore few years ago (bummer). Nevertheless, if you are really keen in trying it out, maybe you could try and find it on qoo10 or Nature Republic outlet in Johor Bahru. 

First look

Location: Singapore
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Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Kelp

I bought The Face Shop Real Nature mask sheet bundle set late last year. I think they changed the design of the packaging not too long ago. I reviewed a Face Shop Real Nature Mask before, you can check it out here. I bought the sensitive skin series, this time. I think it cost me about S$22 for a pack of ten. Where else if I were to buy individually mask, it will cost S$2.50 (if I can recollect properly). I tried the kelp mask few days ago. Personally I like the Aloe Vera mask in the sensitive skin series. I used all the aloe vera mask long ago, so I will not be review it unless I buy it again.

The first picture is picture of the back of the box. It states the uses of each mask. So according to the box, the kelp mask 'eliminates skin impurities', 'protects and purifies skin for a clearer complexion'. I always check on my skin after using any mask the night before. In the case of the kelp mask, I did not experience and irritation of breakouts. I feel that the liquid from the mask was absorbed by my skin relatively well. My skin felt smoother too.

Back of the mask box - description of each mask

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Review: Dr. Morita Whitening Essence Mask + Side talk

I am not sure how many of you have heard of this brand of mask which originated from Taiwan and is also made in Taiwan. On the month of May, my sister made a two week trip to Taiwan (for schooling purpose) and bought lots of masks. I didn't expect much from the mask as it is some brand that I have not heard before. Apparently, my sister said that this brand of mask seems quite popular there as the mask keep going out of stock on the shelves. Surprisingly, I really like the mask.
The mask is really soothing and cooling on the skin. Plus, look at the amount essence inside the sachet!
The essence is plentifull such that it is dripping when I took out the mask!
The outcome of using the mask is promising. I observe that my skin is more clearer, the scars I facial treatment (due to my acne) are greatly reduced after I used the masks fro several times. Those bumps due to white heads at the sides of my cheek is also reduced. (Yea recently I get lots of of white heads as I often touch my cheek)

In overall I feel that it is a great mask! My rating for this 5/5.

Side track!

This few weeks, I've been obsessed with EXO-K! They are charismatic and give the same pretense as Taemin. I feel that Taemin will fit perfectly inside the group. They are also quite shy and their shyness can be quite epic. I wish that I have a small brother like them XD!~ And yes! I have to admit Baekyun and D.O are creeping into my biase list... kekeke

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Review: Faceshop Real Nature Mask Pomegranate

Studying has been productive today. No motivation at all! Why me??

I shall review a face mask which I used yesterday night. Maybe I will get back my motivation later though half of the day is gone.

Yesterday night, I used Faceshop Real Nature Mask Pomegranate. It's called 'real nature' mask because it contains 1,000mg of pomegranate extract. Extra facts: eating pomegranate actually helps improve digestive system which may help in preventing acne. Besides the juice has anti-aging properties. Pomegranate is rich in vitamin B1 and B2. The mask is suppose to help in increasing elasticity.
Faceshop Real Nature Mask Pomegranate

Ingredients - always check them if you have sensitive skin!

How it looks like inside

So after using it, I don't find the mask fantastic. The mask does not give the oily trace directly after use it. It doesn't make your skin oily too. But I find the cutting of the mask is a little odd. How should i put it. The    holes for the eyes and mouth is a little too big relative to other mask I've used and the cutting masks it difficult place it nicely on my face. Besides that, my pimples got bigger when I woke up today. Bummer! Maybe the mask does not suit my skin. By the way, I have a combination skin type. And my skin feels a little oily than usually, I'm not sure what it's caused by though. I'll rate this product 2.5/5

That's all for now. I better get back to doing my tutorials, they are waiting for me!

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Review: MJCARE Lemon Essence Mask + Side Talk

Recently, I started watching Moon That Embrace The Sun. I really like the plot and the child actor and actresses. Their acting skills are great to the extent that I was hoping that the child actors/actresses will just continue the plot without replacing them with the adult actors and actresses. Hehe. Well... Maybe they can change the Lee Hwon, Heo Yeon and Seol (because they look slightly kiddish) to the adult version and remain the rest of the cast. I am still waiting eagerly for the episode 7 & 8 to be subbed! XD Can't wait to see the development between Prince Yang Myung and Heo Yeon!

Moon That Embrace The Sun

My Fav Male Cast In The Drama

Heres my review for MJCARE Lemon Mask:

The feel and the essence of the mask is similar to the review stated in my MJACRE Mung-Bean Mask. Whats different about this mask is that it has a crispy lemony smell similar to lemon air freshener smell. (but it is not exactly the same) I'm a huge fan of lemon smell ! The mask was really refreshing when I wore it. And yes it is refreshers my face and moisturizes my skin well. However, there is an anomaly. It also makes my face significantly whiter and I can see that my face is glowing after use. (Even though, the manufacturer did not mentioned that is will whitens my skin. This makes me the love the mask more!) In overall I rate this mask 4/5 since it is a wonderful mask and seriously cheap. Will purchase this again in the near future. Sayonara!

MJCARE Lemon Mask

P.S. For those who are interested in this mask, I actually bought it from gmarket.

Location: Singapore
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Review: Nature Republic Whitening Collagen Dream Mask

JYJ ~ Looks like I'm gonna sleep well tonight
 You're wrong I'm not going to blog about JYJ/kpop today....

 I'm going to review Nature Republic Whitening Collagen Dream Mask. I think I know why they call it 'dream ' mask. Just take a look at the packaging.

Pretty packaging and it is endorsed by JYJ
(for those who doesn't know who is JYJ, it is a korean  boy  group)
First look inside, the serum is clear and not thick. The mask is sufficiently wet and there is not excess puddle of serum in the packet.
Clear serum
The first thing I noticed when I put on the mask is the scent. It smells great...a mix of flora and fruity scent. Probably comes from the witch hazel and orange extract in the serum. Witch hazel can reduce blemishes as well as inflammation of pimples!
Skin doesn't feel sticky at all after using the mask. In fact, my skin felt more relaxed. I checked out my skin the next day to see if there is any improvements. My pimple shrink-ed and blemishes on my face seems a little lighter. There is no oily after-effect too. However, I don't think it made my overall skin whiter. Haha.
I'll give the mask 4.5 out of 5.
It's unfortunate that all Nature Republic outlets have closed down in Singapore. WHY???? I really like their products. So for those who want to try out this 'dream' mask you can get it online for a fairly affordable price.

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Review: MJCARE Mung-Bean Essence Mask

I've always like to put on facial mask. Its relaxing and does help in improving my complexion. I have to do it more frequently nowadays since stress from university has taken a toll on my skin. I would need to spend lots of money if I were to use brand-name facial mask too often. So I've decided to try on MJCARE Mung-Bean Essence Mask which only cost me S$0.49. Super Cheap!

MJCARE Mung-Bean Essence Mask
Thick essence

Instructions at the back

For those who live in tropical region remember to put it in the fridge before use for an extra refreshing effect!
 As shown the essence is thick, so your face will feel a little sticky after use. For those who doesn't like that I advice you to avoid using it. My face also feels a little uncomfortable and itches a little. Maybe because of the material of the mask. According to the packanging, the mask it supposed to purify, moisturize and brighten your skin. After trying on the mask, I realize it also helps in drying pimples/acne.

Overall I will rate it 3.5 out of 5. I'll say the mask is alright for the price. I'm okay with the stickyness. However, I do not like how my skin feels uneasy while having it on.

I will post more reviews on MJCARE facial mask soon. Do leave comments if you have any questions.

And I know I'm a day late but HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!

Location: Singapore
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