Review: Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Solution Eye Treatment Mask

This post is going to be relatively picture heavy as compared to my past post. Today, I am going to review Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Solution Eye Treatment Mask. I bought this from Korean in a pack of 20. This definitely cannot be found in Singapore because Nature Republic has retreated from Singapore few years ago (bummer). Nevertheless, if you are really keen in trying it out, maybe you could try and find it on qoo10 or Nature Republic outlet in Johor Bahru. 

First look

So this is how the packaging of the Eye Treatment Mask looks like. At the first look, I was wondering why does the eye mask packet looks that big. Usually eye mask are usually small with separated pieces (half moon shaped), to be placed under your eyes. However, this is different. The next few pictures will tell why is the packet that big.

The back
For those, who wants to know the ingredients…

 This the instructions at the back. You are supposed to put on the mask for 20 - 30 minutes…which is longer than the typical face mask.

This is how the mask look like when I took it out from the packet
 The packet is bigger because it is google-type eye patch. Unlike typical mask, this is made from hydrogel. The packet does not contain lots of liquid like typical eye mask. There is some droplets though.

Taking out from the casing…remove the the white plastic layer to use
After use
As a undergraduate, there are times I need to stay up late in order to finish up my assignment. Staying up late for consecutive nights does take a tool in my eye. There was once that my eyes were felt so tired  and felt a little dry. It looks a little sunken below the eye because of the tiredness. I tried using Nature republic Aqua Collagen Solution Eye Treatment Mask (I am going to refer it as eye mask since the name is quite mouthful) one of the nights. I usually cool it in the fridge before using it. The mask has cooling sensation and I can feel the moisture on it, however it is not dripping with liquid. After putting it on, I realised that my eyes are left tired and my eyes was slightly less sunken. As for whitening wise, I do not really see any significant difference because I do not get panda eyes like most people. Maybe more significant whitening effect can be observe after multiple use. I also like how the design in google-like, because I feel it gives a more comprehensive effect. It covers all around my eyes, which is great. Even after 30 minutes, the google still contains lots of moisture.

I feel the most significant difference is it helps to alleviate tiredness of the eyes. I also tried the the eye mask on my dad, and siblings also agreed with than his eyes looks less sunken!

I would rate this eye mask 4/5 stars! 

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Location: Singapore
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