Review: Tony Moly Blackhead Out Oil Gel

I have heard of hype over this product. Many reviews says that it will work wonders. So I decided to buy it when I visited korea in January (because it is cheaper). I bought the complete pack (total 3 types), but today I will only be reviewing the Blackhead Out Oil Gel.

I really had high expectation when I bought it. Unfortunately, the effectiveness fall short of my expectation. Why? I will tell you more in the later part of the post.

The product has really nice packaging but I kinda feel cheated when I realised that the gel itself it so little compared to the container. I cannot really remember how much it cost in korean won but I do remember it not being cheap. The gel is translucent and has small yellow bits in it. It also has a citrus scent to it.

Right after washing of the gel from my nose, I do realise that it help to remove some of my blackheads. But it did not remove those stubborn deep-seated ones so I was disappointed. I mean, I do not see how is it any better than blackhead strip (well other than being less painful). I also notice that even though there is slight difference in blackhead right after application, when I look in the mirror the next day my nose looked like before I use the gel. Hmmm this could just be me… I hope someone who feels the same way comments below.

So my rating: 2/5
I am really disappointed in this product :/ I guess I am going to stick to Blackhead strips unless I find a better product. Any recommendation?

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