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Resolution/Wishlist before the semester starts

I just received my results and am currently overwhelmed by it (not in a good way). I had to repeated one of my module which kind of suxs. Which also mean that I will not be able to take one new module which is actually reallocated for me. I started sulking for a few hours. I didn't want to tell my parents as they will start worrying about me but I told my siblings. I was kind of sad for awhile but yeah its for my own good. It also shows that my foundation is not good. So, repeating the module will actually help me score for the upcoming modules.
As for now I am going to create a resolution and a wishlist before the semester starts.

New semester resolution:
1. Exercise every weekend.
It is scientifically proven that exercising makes you smarter and it is especially true for woman. It helps blood circulation hence allows better learning. I realize that I should keep a balance lifestyle and not just study and watch drama. (Though I spent more time watching dramas than studying) Kekeke! But this is not right! I know that...

2. Plan my timetable such that I starts early and end early.
I stay really far from my campus. Its about 2 hr away from my home. So back and forth, a total of 4 hr spent on traveling. During peaks hours I have to stand throughout the journey. So, I cant afford to go back home late. It is crucial that I plan my timetable early so that I can go back home and start revising.

3. Clean my room once in every two weeks.
Clean and neat environment is important when you studying.

4. Organize my papers and school stuff.
I am a messy kind of person. I usually waste time finding my papers, notes and etc. Finding one thing can take up to 3hr! :(

5. Use sunblock and take care of my skin especially during exam period.
 I tend to have breakout during exam period due to stress. I have alot of skin colored bumps on my cheeks that make my skin look rough. (P.S. Dear readers if you have any new products to recommend me, do leave your comments here) Sunblock is important as I don't want UV ray to speed up my aging since I am already stressed in school.

My wishlist will posted soon! Thanks for reading.  /bye

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Review: Hada Labo Whitening Lotion

A few months ago i bought his hada labo moisturizer plus whitening lotion. Theoritically, its function is to hydrate and plus whitens your skin. This moisturizer has been quite popular in singapore and its is a relatively cheap whitenning lotion. In japan it is #1 whitenning lotion that is being bought every seconds!

I was quite shock that the lotion is actually very watery and not like those creamy texture that is the usually form at which most lotion can be found in. It has no smell. So for those you hate perfume added into skin products, you may like this lotion. the color of the liquid is semi transparent.

At first I didnt quite like this product as I could not see its whitenning effect on skin. So, I stop using it for awhile....
However, after I went for facial treatment that left me with those acne scar (its a really reddiness stop about ... ermmm... lets just say its quite huge and visible) after its extracts puss from the acne, I started using hada labo whitenning lotion. (I was in a hurry looking for solution to get rid of the scar since I dont use makeup). And so I realize the lotion wasn't as bad as I thought. It kind of accelerate the recovery of my scar and it is less visible now. Plus, its hydrate my skin really well and its not sticky if you were to apply it in a correct manner. Its kind of lock up the moisture throughout the whole day.

I will rate this product 4/5. It you have any questions feel free to comment below and I will reply to your enquries ASAP! (Dont be shy hehe...) :D Sayonara folks!

Here are some pictures of Hada Labo Whitening Lotions:

Hada Labo Whitening Lotion Bottle
Safety Seal (Most Hada Labo products have this)
Top view
Instructions, Ingredients Etc
One last important information, when your expose to sunlight dont forget to use sunblock when ur using this lotion! It may cause your skin to have dark spots when expose to UV light.

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Review: Hada Labo Gentle Exfoliation

As some of you guys know scrubs that consist of exfoliation bits may exert to much stress on our skin and even damage our skin. As such there is thing called gentle exfoliation that are very easy on our skin. One of the product that is Hada Labo Gentle Exfoliation. Hada Labo seems to causing a buzz in singapore so I decided to try it out.

Hado Labo Gentle Exfoliation
One of its main spotlight ingredients are AHA and DHA (as you can see from the picture). AHA helps in exfoliating dull skins without causing harm to it. Whereas, DHA are particularly an important ingredient ingredient as it theoretically helps it removing whites and even black heads. If you have sensitive skin, I believe you should use such gentle "scrub".
To ensure "freshness" of the product
This product also have a safety seal to ensure quality of the product. (Warning: Some customers like to open the caps skin of product to smell if or for whatever reason and they end up not closing the caps well. This can cause bacteria to invade the product!!)
The above picture is the backview of the tube. You can press the picture to enlarge it. It consist of information of how to use the product, ingredients and why it is important to have one.
Similar packaging like other cleanser
Its really creamy. I swear!
My stand of this product is that this exfoliation cleanser is extremely gentle on my skin and I really like aftermath of its usage. My skin feels extremely smooth/soft and it kind of glows. It do helps in removing small white heads.
However, it doesn't seems to help me in removing blackheads on my nose and other persistent white heads on cheek. (My previous cleanser was able to do so). Furthermore, AHA that contain in this product may potential cause black spot on your face due to its reaction with UV light. As such you need sunscreen with this product even though your at home since UV light is able to penetrate through the windows. (Thats right... So I only use it at night) I find it quite troublesome to apply sunscreen even when I at home. 
I rate this product 3.5/5 due to it's downside I mentioned above. It 2am. I should sleep now.

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Virgin experience with

I did my first purchase from zalora on 24th April 2012 and it arrived on 3rd May 2012 (do your math on how long it take). A lot of people complained regarding their long delivery period, I find it okay though. I bought two shoes. I'm kinda impressed with the packaging. The items are neatly wrapped. But only one of the shoes comes with a box. Here are the pictures:
Box the items came in

I usually use size 36(uk3) however the blue loafers are a little tight and the black one is extremely tight for size 36. Do take note if you are considering buying shoes from zalora!

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Review: Faceshop Guava and Mango Moisture Body Lotion

Sup all. Exams finally over so as promised I will review more products. As i grow older I realized my skin gets dry very easily. Dry skin is bad because your skin will be prone to breakage that way. And your skin is also prone to acne when it's dry. I bought Faceshop Guava and Mango Moisture Body Lotion a month ago to try it. Paid $12-$15 for a 300 ml bottle. It comes in a press on bottle (is that what they call it? ) rather a tub. I think those which comes in a tub are quite unhygienic when you have keep digging for it.
Faceshop Guava and Mango Moisture Body Lotion

Back view

Okay here's my say on this product: the lotion smells more like mango than guava & mango. The smell is really sweet so if you are not fond of sweet smelling products (like me) I suggest you avoid it. After application, the lotion can be a little sticky sometimes but not oily.

Lastly, I feel that the moisturizing effect of the lotion is mediocre. I would rate this product 3.4/5.
I am still looking for a body lotion with a strong moisturizing effect. Do recommend if you know of any.

Oh for those who are still having exams, all the best and remember that "Nothing worth having comes easy" :)

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