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Review: Faceshop Guava and Mango Moisture Body Lotion

Sup all. Exams finally over so as promised I will review more products. As i grow older I realized my skin gets dry very easily. Dry skin is bad because your skin will be prone to breakage that way. And your skin is also prone to acne when it's dry. I bought Faceshop Guava and Mango Moisture Body Lotion a month ago to try it. Paid $12-$15 for a 300 ml bottle. It comes in a press on bottle (is that what they call it? ) rather a tub. I think those which comes in a tub are quite unhygienic when you have keep digging for it.
Faceshop Guava and Mango Moisture Body Lotion

Back view

Okay here's my say on this product: the lotion smells more like mango than guava & mango. The smell is really sweet so if you are not fond of sweet smelling products (like me) I suggest you avoid it. After application, the lotion can be a little sticky sometimes but not oily.

Lastly, I feel that the moisturizing effect of the lotion is mediocre. I would rate this product 3.4/5.
I am still looking for a body lotion with a strong moisturizing effect. Do recommend if you know of any.

Oh for those who are still having exams, all the best and remember that "Nothing worth having comes easy" :)

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