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If you come into my heart ...

I now present to you the korean drama ...

I've been watching . The title is 'A Gentleman's Dignity'. Unique story line. Hot ahjusshi that has gain the nickname F40. So why not right. Their original sound tracks (ost) are pretty good too. You know how these sound tracks can dramatize the mood while you are watching.

In one of its episodes, a main lead Rok Hyun did cover of one of my all-time favorite song. I swear I actually re-winded the player to listen the song again and again. 

How can I not rape the replay button?? tell me? After listening to this I immediately made the connection to MBLAQ's ft. C-luv if you come into my heart. Well it is one of my favorite songs. Nevertheless, I do know MBLAQ made a cover and they are not the original singer. Then I found out the original song came out in 1989 (way before I was born) by Jo Duk-bae. I gotta applaud the composer of the song. I mean the lyrics are so poetic! Check out both songs below and tell me what you think!

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