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Review: Sephora Express - Stop the spot!

Hello again!! It has been a long time since I posted a review. I have actually quite a number of new purchases waiting for my review but I am currently busy for exam preparation. Physics paper tomorrow  X.x.. Hopefully, I will do well.

Today I am going to do a short review my new purchase from Sephora. It is a pimple cream and also a spot remover. Yup it is 2 in 1. (P.S. I just bought a new phone Samsung S2 so the pictures gonna be nicer :) )

Sephora: Stop the spot! 
The back of the tube
 It comes in a small white tube about 15ml. The application of the product is simple and easy. Since it is a tube-like container with a small hole (look at the photo below) you just have to squeeze out the geland apply it any pimple or spot you want. The gel is transparent (trust me it is really transparent) and it smell like errr.. glue? Haha... I'm not joking.

Structure of the tip for easy application
Transparent Gel

My stand for this product is that it is not sticky on the face and does not leave residue on the face like some pimple cream. It is also effective as I can see visible reduction in pimple size and color intensity seems to reduce after several application. Rate: 4/5

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