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Review: Forever Aloe Lips With Jojoba

This is going to be a very short review of a lip gloss that I would like to recommend to all of you. I got this from my mother and I don't where you can get this in Singapore because apparently my mom got this gift from her friend and she gave it to me. What I really like this lip gloss is that it very moisturizing and not oily. It absorb very quickly into my lips. What I always do is that, I apply it when I am about to sleep. So, basically the next day my lips will be very moist and smooth for the next day (yes the whole day!!). 

The main two ingredient of this lip gloss are Aloe Barbadensis Extract (Okay I am sure many of you must be thinking ... What da hell is that? lol) and jojoba seed oil.

Here is my research about these two. Aloe Bardadensis is actually just a type of Aloe and Aloe Barbadensis Extract is the juice you get from the plant. So, apparently, I found out that Aloe Barbadensis was largely used by Eqyption to beautify themselves O.O. As for jojoba seed oil it is known for its effectiveness of treating dry stop so this explain why the lips stick/ lip gloss is so moisturizing. Lastly, the product is not scent but you actually can smell something sweet from it mostly probably due to ingredient found in it.

My rate for this product is 5/5.

For those muslim who are worried about whether you can use this product, I actually found out that it has Islamic Seal of Approval. For animal lover who are against animal abuse, this product does not involve animal testing :)

Anyway, my dear reader sorry for not updating this blog for so long. I was too busy with school and trying to pull up my cGPA. I will try to update more product ASAP.

Thanks for reading!

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Review: Mogitate Kajitsu Orange Mango

Just went on a drugstore haul and bought lotsa new products and these products will be reviewed in the future. Today I am going to review a new lipice/lipgloss (Mogitate Kajitsu Orange Mango) after I encountered with dry lips these few days in Singapore as the weather has been quite dry these days. It costed me around SGD 5+ as there is a 20% off. The other reasons I bought it are due to its cute packaging and the possibility that my lips are going to smell like orange and mango. It also consists vitamins and ingredients that shield your lips from UV ray. (Yup the nasty UV rays that are quite harmful) Before I start giving more views about this product, I realized that many have already reviewed this product and some of them are sponsored reviews. Nonetheless, I hope this will give an additional or alternative account of this product.

(Some pictures)

For those who can read japanese
Ingredients and product description
I was expecting the stick to be orange or yellow in color
Firstly, I never expected much from this lipice/lipgloss as it is not a dry lips treatment kind of product for very dry lips (and I currently had one). To my surprise, its moisturizing power is actually exceeded my expectation. I used it at night right after I bought it and the next morning, my lips wasnt dry anymore and I was able to easily rub off those dead skin of lips with water. Besides, this lipice wasn't sticky like most of its kind and it gives a slight tingling sensation after application (Maybe due to its menthol content). This lipice has a very nice fruit smell (like orange candy). It is quite a sweet smell. You  can actually smell it when you apply some on your lips. Unfortunately, doesn't last very long. Like after 2min or so it is gone. I believe that you will have to apply it after 3-4hrs outdoor as my lips
doesn't feel moisturized any and I did not feel its presence on my lips after the above mentioned period of time. I will rate this product (4/5). Its not all that fantastic but it is worth the money!

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