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Review: Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Point Clear

Remember I said I went on a drugstore haul, so Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Point Clear is part of the haul. I've tried some mentholatum products, they doesn't seem to work on my skin. Decided to give this a try because I couldn't find the pimple cream that I always used. My sister also said that she have seen this product in quite a few japanese magazines.

This acne medicated product (as stated from the packaging) is for pimple care + whitening + pore refining. It comes in a roll-on design which is great because I don't need to use my germy hand to touch my pimples when applying it (urggg I swear you wouldn't one to add more germy buddies on your pimples and let them party there).

 This pimple medicated product is not rlly a cream. When I rolled on my skin a very watery liquid comes out. The liquid is transparent too which means you can use it while you're out without having white precipitate on your skin. My pimples starts to dry out a little (not completely) on my third consecutive day of usage. There is no visible change in my blemishes on the third day too. Maybe it needs more time to see visible change. I will rate this product 3.5/5. I find it effective but not strong enough. It takes too long to lighten blemishes and cure pimples. It is also a little pricey for its quality. I paid SGD 9.90 and I have used a better product which is much cheaper. I will review that product in the future *pinky promise*. Okay toodles for now :)

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Review: Mogitate Kajitsu Orange Mango

Just went on a drugstore haul and bought lotsa new products and these products will be reviewed in the future. Today I am going to review a new lipice/lipgloss (Mogitate Kajitsu Orange Mango) after I encountered with dry lips these few days in Singapore as the weather has been quite dry these days. It costed me around SGD 5+ as there is a 20% off. The other reasons I bought it are due to its cute packaging and the possibility that my lips are going to smell like orange and mango. It also consists vitamins and ingredients that shield your lips from UV ray. (Yup the nasty UV rays that are quite harmful) Before I start giving more views about this product, I realized that many have already reviewed this product and some of them are sponsored reviews. Nonetheless, I hope this will give an additional or alternative account of this product.

(Some pictures)

For those who can read japanese
Ingredients and product description
I was expecting the stick to be orange or yellow in color
Firstly, I never expected much from this lipice/lipgloss as it is not a dry lips treatment kind of product for very dry lips (and I currently had one). To my surprise, its moisturizing power is actually exceeded my expectation. I used it at night right after I bought it and the next morning, my lips wasnt dry anymore and I was able to easily rub off those dead skin of lips with water. Besides, this lipice wasn't sticky like most of its kind and it gives a slight tingling sensation after application (Maybe due to its menthol content). This lipice has a very nice fruit smell (like orange candy). It is quite a sweet smell. You  can actually smell it when you apply some on your lips. Unfortunately, doesn't last very long. Like after 2min or so it is gone. I believe that you will have to apply it after 3-4hrs outdoor as my lips
doesn't feel moisturized any and I did not feel its presence on my lips after the above mentioned period of time. I will rate this product (4/5). Its not all that fantastic but it is worth the money!

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Review: Nature republic UV Lock Flower SPF 50PA+++

As I have mention in the Nature Republic Bloom Kiss review, my friend has also bought me a nature republic sunscreen/sunblock and I am going to review it now. This sunblock is basically the best sunscreen that I have used at the moment. I really love it to the max. It has a nice smell, compatible for my combination skin type and also does not cause pimple nor breakout. This is a powerful sunblock since it is a sunblock with SPF 50. Generally, it suitable for sunny countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. Higher SPF also means that it is able to shield your skin from most UV rays which is responsible for wrinkles and skin cancer! Let me show you some pictures of the product!

The box

Ingredients. Look out for ingredients that you are allergic to!
The tube (Its 50ml, most likely cant last you for several months)
The sunblock lotion on my skin
The sunblock lotion has a medium like consistency that is able to spread evenly on your skin. Unlike some sunblock it is either too watery (eg. Laneige sunblock) or too thick.
After spreading the lotion on my hand
As you can see the after effect of the lotion is that makes you skin appear slightly lighter than you regular skin tone. The sunblock also smell really nice. I am not good in describing scent... I guess it smell a bit like shampoo. The smell last after 3-5 hours under the sun. PLUS! It really doesn't make skin oily or shiny! I've met tons of sunblock that make you skin appear really shiny and oily... I really hate it!

Thus, I will rate this product 5/5 as it met my requirement of a good sunblock/sunscreen!

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Side Talk: Wendy's

Okay so because I've feeling super guilty for being too unhealthy....  junk food, no exercise... *le sign*. I've decided to eat something relatively healthy for dinner one night. Saw a flyer on Wendy's delivery service ... so I was thinking "this is it". I ordered their Garden Salad with Spicy Chicken and Baked Potatoes with Sour Cream & Chives. When I called, the person said it will take 1 hour for them to deliver....righhhht when my house is about 10 minutes from their outlet. McDonald usually take 45 minutes or lesser. For the salad the dressing it separated and for the potatoes the sour cream and chives are separated too. I had really high expectation when I ordered them (for God knows why)... to be honest I was craving for KFC oriental chicken salad which is non-existent now (I WANT YOU BACK)

Back to the topic of Wendy's, the deliver came without utensils (disappointed)...the taste is disappointing too. The chives for the baked potatoes are dried ....oh come on even chives on KFC's cheese fries are fresh. The chicken in the salad is kinda small too... oh well this might be my first and last time eating Wendy's.

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My blog layout has changed!

For those who frequently read my blog, you must have realized that I have changed my blog template and design. On the right hand side of this page there will be, About Me, Labels, Archives, Blogroll, Tagboard and lastly Live Traffic Feed that shows when and where my readers are from.

If you guys were to scroll down to the end of the page, there will be section on Total Page View that I have attained till today, Followers at which you guys can be one of them if you like my blog and lastly Featured Music at which I will embedded MV of my latest addiction.

Previously, at the featured music section, I placed BrownEyedGirls(브라운아이드걸스) _ Cleansing Cream(클렌징크림).  I really like the song! Nice and unique tune. At the same time the song has a really deep meaning.

However, I decided to change it IU 아이유 - Every End of the Day(스무 살의 봄 - 하루 끝) with english subtitles. Be sure to check it by scrolling down to the end of the page! I'm sure some of you can relate the meaning of the song~ Bye

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Review: Nature republic Bloom Kiss Lipstick

I just received  a gift from my friend when she visited korea. She bought me nature republic lipstick and also a sun block. But firstly, I will review the lipstick that she bought me. I was hoping that the liptick will be in the shade of very light pink unfortunately it is not. Nonetheless, I am still okay with this shade of liptick and thankful of the gift.
The lipstick that she bought me is in the shade of pink. I couldn't find much information online at nature republic website on the product information. However, I managed to dig out on the available shades of pink for the liptick. But I am not sure if the following in the complete list of available colors for the line. The color code of the lipstick I received from my friend is OR301!
Manage to dig out something from gmarket
Here are some pictures of the product and the packaging.
Bloom Kiss
Back view
Top view of the box!
Brand new!
 After trying it out for once, I feel that it really look nice on my skin tone and I love the colour. Guess what! It is close to the color I am looking for! XD Yeap! Though I wanted it to be slightly lighter. Let me show you the picture!
Pardon for my big nose HAHA!
The lipstick is quite moisturizing but its not enough for those who have dry lips. So I highly recommend that you guys use a moisturizing treatment lip balm or etc before using the liptick. This is  ensure that the lipstick and glide smoothly on your lips. Hence, giving you a new pretty lips. The lipstick also smell abit like cherry. I'll rate it 4/5 as I really like the colour! Chingu kamsahamnida for your gift /blush

Heres a picture of Taemin! I've been a fan of taemin for a long time. He is so pretty isn't he? I don't mind being a girl and looking like him. Taemin ahhh~ come to noona!

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Review: Nature Republic Olive Moisturizing Hand Lotion

 Received this hand lotion as a gift from a friend who went Korea. It comes in a 60ml tube which is very convenient to carry around. Here are some pictures.

Nature Republic Olive Moisturizing Hand Lotion
Here's the instruction straight from the back-side of the tube: "After washing hands or when they feel dry, apply an appropriate amount to hands and massage to enhance absorption". When i squeezed out the lotion on my hand, I realized that the lotion is less viscous(thick) compared to those typical lotions which I kind of like and it has subtle smell of olives which stays on you for quite some time (provided the weather is not too humid). My hands did not feel oily after application but a little moist. The amount shown on the picture is enough to cover my both hands. Do take note my hands aren't very dry. I only need hand cream after being in an air-conditioned environment for few hours. So the amount you need might vary from mine.

Overall, I find this product quite okay. I guess it does its job even though I feel that there might me a lot of better hand lotion out there in the market. I'll give 3.5 out of 5.

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