My blog layout has changed!

For those who frequently read my blog, you must have realized that I have changed my blog template and design. On the right hand side of this page there will be, About Me, Labels, Archives, Blogroll, Tagboard and lastly Live Traffic Feed that shows when and where my readers are from.

If you guys were to scroll down to the end of the page, there will be section on Total Page View that I have attained till today, Followers at which you guys can be one of them if you like my blog and lastly Featured Music at which I will embedded MV of my latest addiction.

Previously, at the featured music section, I placed BrownEyedGirls(브라운아이드걸스) _ Cleansing Cream(클렌징크림).  I really like the song! Nice and unique tune. At the same time the song has a really deep meaning.

However, I decided to change it IU 아이유 - Every End of the Day(스무 살의 봄 - 하루 끝) with english subtitles. Be sure to check it by scrolling down to the end of the page! I'm sure some of you can relate the meaning of the song~ Bye

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