Side Talk: Wendy's

Okay so because I've feeling super guilty for being too unhealthy....  junk food, no exercise... *le sign*. I've decided to eat something relatively healthy for dinner one night. Saw a flyer on Wendy's delivery service ... so I was thinking "this is it". I ordered their Garden Salad with Spicy Chicken and Baked Potatoes with Sour Cream & Chives. When I called, the person said it will take 1 hour for them to deliver....righhhht when my house is about 10 minutes from their outlet. McDonald usually take 45 minutes or lesser. For the salad the dressing it separated and for the potatoes the sour cream and chives are separated too. I had really high expectation when I ordered them (for God knows why)... to be honest I was craving for KFC oriental chicken salad which is non-existent now (I WANT YOU BACK)

Back to the topic of Wendy's, the deliver came without utensils (disappointed)...the taste is disappointing too. The chives for the baked potatoes are dried ....oh come on even chives on KFC's cheese fries are fresh. The chicken in the salad is kinda small too... oh well this might be my first and last time eating Wendy's.

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