Review: Nature republic Bloom Kiss Lipstick

I just received  a gift from my friend when she visited korea. She bought me nature republic lipstick and also a sun block. But firstly, I will review the lipstick that she bought me. I was hoping that the liptick will be in the shade of very light pink unfortunately it is not. Nonetheless, I am still okay with this shade of liptick and thankful of the gift.
The lipstick that she bought me is in the shade of pink. I couldn't find much information online at nature republic website on the product information. However, I managed to dig out on the available shades of pink for the liptick. But I am not sure if the following in the complete list of available colors for the line. The color code of the lipstick I received from my friend is OR301!
Manage to dig out something from gmarket
Here are some pictures of the product and the packaging.
Bloom Kiss
Back view
Top view of the box!
Brand new!
 After trying it out for once, I feel that it really look nice on my skin tone and I love the colour. Guess what! It is close to the color I am looking for! XD Yeap! Though I wanted it to be slightly lighter. Let me show you the picture!
Pardon for my big nose HAHA!
The lipstick is quite moisturizing but its not enough for those who have dry lips. So I highly recommend that you guys use a moisturizing treatment lip balm or etc before using the liptick. This is  ensure that the lipstick and glide smoothly on your lips. Hence, giving you a new pretty lips. The lipstick also smell abit like cherry. I'll rate it 4/5 as I really like the colour! Chingu kamsahamnida for your gift /blush

Heres a picture of Taemin! I've been a fan of taemin for a long time. He is so pretty isn't he? I don't mind being a girl and looking like him. Taemin ahhh~ come to noona!

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