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Resolution/Wishlist before the semester starts

I just received my results and am currently overwhelmed by it (not in a good way). I had to repeated one of my module which kind of suxs. Which also mean that I will not be able to take one new module which is actually reallocated for me. I started sulking for a few hours. I didn't want to tell my parents as they will start worrying about me but I told my siblings. I was kind of sad for awhile but yeah its for my own good. It also shows that my foundation is not good. So, repeating the module will actually help me score for the upcoming modules.
As for now I am going to create a resolution and a wishlist before the semester starts.

New semester resolution:
1. Exercise every weekend.
It is scientifically proven that exercising makes you smarter and it is especially true for woman. It helps blood circulation hence allows better learning. I realize that I should keep a balance lifestyle and not just study and watch drama. (Though I spent more time watching dramas than studying) Kekeke! But this is not right! I know that...

2. Plan my timetable such that I starts early and end early.
I stay really far from my campus. Its about 2 hr away from my home. So back and forth, a total of 4 hr spent on traveling. During peaks hours I have to stand throughout the journey. So, I cant afford to go back home late. It is crucial that I plan my timetable early so that I can go back home and start revising.

3. Clean my room once in every two weeks.
Clean and neat environment is important when you studying.

4. Organize my papers and school stuff.
I am a messy kind of person. I usually waste time finding my papers, notes and etc. Finding one thing can take up to 3hr! :(

5. Use sunblock and take care of my skin especially during exam period.
 I tend to have breakout during exam period due to stress. I have alot of skin colored bumps on my cheeks that make my skin look rough. (P.S. Dear readers if you have any new products to recommend me, do leave your comments here) Sunblock is important as I don't want UV ray to speed up my aging since I am already stressed in school.

My wishlist will posted soon! Thanks for reading.  /bye

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