Review: The Face Shop Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip

It is the time of the year again, where I get really obsessed with the blackheads of my nose. Usually happens when I am too free. Before anyone reads this post, I would to warn that there are disgusting photos of my blackheads embedded nose below. So if you don't like to see it, I suggest you don't read post haha. 

I am really curious by how people keep their nose blackheads-free. Mine doesn't seem to come off no matter how much exfoliating I do. I decided to try The Face Shop Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip since the typical blackhead strip is not very effective for me. 

First look at The Face Shop Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip

Instructions for Step 1 and 2

Unlike the the typical blackhead strips, The Face Shop Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip involves two steps (as the names suggest). The Step 1 is the blackhead out step and Step 2 is the pore tightening step. Before zooming into the first step, let me show you the before condition of my nose so that we can make a before and after comparison. Below is the picture of my nose before using the Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip. See those blackheads there, they are the ones that the typical blackhead strips unable to remove no matter how many times I use it.

Surprise...the before photo of my yucky nose
Step 1: Blackhead out
Step 1 instructions
The instruction states that I should cleanse my face before putting the black head out strip on y nose for 10-15 minutes. I did as instructed. The photo of the blackhead out strip is shown below. It is like a moist thick cotton strip. Since the strip is thick, the stupid thought that there are multiple pieces stuck together and tried separating them LOL. After 10 -15 minutes, I removed the strip and used the cotton butts to remove the blackheads. Unlike what I image, I do not see any visible blackheads being dislodged. I was beyond disappointed.

What you need
Blackhead out strip
I decided to give up trying to remove my blackheads using the cotton buds. I proceeded to the pore tightening step. I cleaned my nose first before putting the pore tightening strip. The strip has a jelly consistency. You need to remove the plastic film and placed the sticky section on your nose. I left it on my nose for about 15 to 20 minutes.
Step 2: Pore tightening
Step 2 instructions

Pore tightening strip
Below is the photo  of my nose after going through the Step 1 and Step 2. It slightly read..probably due to irritation? The blackheads are all still there. I feel that the Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip is really not effective at removing blackheads. What is worse is that one pack is not cheap at all. Initially Step 2 felt like there is no effect. But my nose felt slightly more smooth on the next day. It only lasted for 2 days thought.

This is my nose right after the Step 2

I will give this product 1/5.

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One Response to Review: The Face Shop Blackhead Out Dual Nose Strip

  1. Hi! Ive been trying to find a way to recreate this nose strip as I really dont want to keep buying it (4$!!) or paying for shipping and handling... who knows if i will ever succeed !

    but i just wanted to say... you should try it again. and then next time, after step one, use something like a blackhead extracting tool to apply pressure gently and slide down your nose. the strip is good for loosening blackheads from the pore but does not extract them for you. when my blackheads are bad enough, they actually push out of the skin on their own a little bit. but i still have to do more work than wiping with a q tip. good luck! hope you try it again.



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