Review: Laneige Trouble Spot Gel Cream

Before I review on skinfood face mask, I will first do a review on Laneige Trouble Spot Gel Cream which I bought together with Laneige Balancing Emulsion. You can find the review for the latter here. I was using the trouble spot gel cream one night and realized that I am about to finish. The a thought hit me 'I better do a review on it soon since it such a good product'. So here I am.

I bought this on impulse when I was in Korea in January since it was cheaper than in local. I did not do any research whatsoever. It surprisingly pretty good.

Firstly, let's find out about its chemical properties and how to use it.

Screenshot from
The above is description of Laniege Trouble Spot Gel Cream. I feel that its antibacterial properties is effective because my acne will subside and become less inflamed in one night. What is great is that you can apply anytime and even when your makeup it on. The cream is translucent and not visible when applied. It does not leave any residue.

I have a blemish prone skin. I feel that this cream help my skin from leaving any scars/blemish. However, it does not really brighten by existing blemish.

I'll give this product 4.5/5. I would have given it 5 if it cost cheaper.

Do you find my review helpful? Do leave some comments :)

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