Side-talk: Swensen's Ice Cream Mooncake (Moon Struck) 2014

Walking around in malls during Mooncake Festivity always makes me salivates, from all the mooncake fairs happening at the atrium. We decide to join the festivity by buying moon cakes this year for our family to share even though we don't celebrate Mooncake festival because we are not ethnic chinese. But it is not just any mooncake, it is ice-cream mooncake (a less traditional kind).

The moon cakes are packed in a box and filled with dry ice in order to prevent it from melting during your journey home. It also came with a free cooler bag. Just a tip when you are cutting the moon cakes, do let it thaw for about 5 minutes before you cut, or you will have difficulty cutting like I did. My knife got stuck in the moon cake.

Below are the flavours I bought and my reviews on them. As I typed down the names, I realised how cringe-worthy their names are HAHA.

Strawberry Fields Forever

I've heard of good reviews of the strawberry one. The strawberry taste isn't very strong, it is more towards the creamy side. You can actually see from the colour of the ice-cream. If you like creamy taste, then this is for you. I prefer it to have a stronger strawberry flavour.

Sticky Chewy Chocolate

If you are chocolate lover, getting this flavour is a must. The chocolate is so thick, that it is so good. It is thicker than the normal ice-cream you can usually get. You can taste the difference in taste of the chocolate snow skin and the ice cream inside. It really satisfied my chocolate craving. The sweetness is just right. What I am disappointed of is the chewiness that is promised by the name of the moon cake. The chewiness is not as prominent as I expected. Yes, it is a little thicker but definitely not chewy.

Mango Fantasy

This is one of my favourites. The mango flavour is good. It is not very sweet and thus let the mango flavour to stand out. It is easy on the palette. You can taste the tanginess of the mango which I love. From looking at the store's fridge, I think this flavour sells the best (it has the smallest quantity left).

Queen of Earle Grey

I am pretty excited to try this one. I think it is one of the few new flavours. Earle Grey with bits of almond is such a unique combination, don't you think? The first bite, gives acquired taste. The bits of almond surprisingly blends well. It also give a aftertaste.

I am looking forward to more traditional flavours of the ice-cream moon cake, like black sesame, green tea, red bean next year. I was disappointed there is no yam flavoured moon cake this year. Hope the management will bring it back next year!

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