Review: Meishoku DET Clear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly〈Mixed Berry Fragrance〉

It is time for a new product review again. Before I do that, I would like to wish all my readers HAPPY 2015! May 2015 be a great year for all of you. 

My eldest sister brought home lots of Japan Skin products after her trip to Japan in December 2014. Some of the products are from popular brands in Singapore while some are brands that I have not heard before. On a side note, I simply love how the Japanese package their products, it makes me really excited to try out the products. One of the products that I would like shared with the product is DET Clear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly with Mixed Berry Fragrance.

It states on the bottle that the peeling jelly can help to remove black-heads (Black-Heads OFF), exfoliate (Skin Rebirth), Dark Spot Care and remove sebum (Sebum OFF). 

Since it is directly from Japan, there is no english translation on the bottle. It states "Peeling Jelly" on the bottle, so I imagine it as your typical peeling mask until I google online for more information on the product. I found the information at Meishouku website.

Rather than a peeling mask, DET Clear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly Gel is like a "glue jelly" that traps dirt on your skin as you rub on it. As you rub it will gather like small blobs of jelly. Here are some of photos of me trying the Peeling Jelly on my hands. This is not my first time using it though. I tried it  the first time few weeks ago on my face but did not document it on photos. Nevertheless, I will blog my  first experience after posting the photos.

As shown above the gel is clear and it has nice berry smell. For those who has sensitive skin, you can but one that is fragrance free.

I spread the gel and rub on my clean hand focusing on areas that feel rougher than the rest.

The gel will start clumping once it has trap the dirts. You can proceed to wash away the gel. It is pretty easy to wash away the gel. You just need normal temperatures water.

After washing the gel, my hand feels smoother. It might not be clear on photo. I used the gel on my right hand only and I can feel the difference in level of smoothness between my right and left hands.

So more on using the gel on my face. I feel that the gel is really helpful in removing dirt behind the wings of my nose. It is really difficult to remove dirt there using just facial wash and even using face scrub. I can feel that the area behind the wings of my nose substantially smoother. However, I did feel slight itchiness around the wings of nose after using the gel for the first time. But do not worry, the itchiness stopped  the next day and it doesn't occur again after subsequent use.

I feel that there is some reduction in white heads around my chin area and black heads on my nose. But doesn't really remove deep-seated black heads. After using the gel at night, you can really feel how smooth your skin has become when you are cleansing your face in the morning. I was really impressed when I first tried it.

So if you are looking for something that can help you exfoliate your skin, I recommend this over other face scrub because it is quite gentle on the skin compared to face scrub.

I rate this product 4.5/5,

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