Review: Shiseido Speedy Whip Foam Cleanser

Speedy Whip Foam Cleanser is also one of the products that my eldest sister got for from Japan last December. This item can also be found in Singapore, I remembered the price being quite affordable that expected. I thought Shiseido products are pretty pricey in Singapore.

So this is how the packaging looks like. It comes with this small bottle of sample, which I have no idea what is because I don't read Japanese haha!

As the name suggest (whip), it is a mousse type of cleanser as shown in the photo, it comes out as frothy white mass of bubbles when you dispense it. As a result you do need to lather it like most cleanser. Initially, I was really excited to try it because it is the first time for to use mousse type of cleanser. Moreover, it is a Shiseido product. I have used its pimple cream and was excellent.

It was easy to use because it was in the mousse form. You don't have to put a lot to cleanse you face, i think a single press on the dispenser it more than sufficient. It has also has nice smell to it. If I am not wrong a smell of green tea?

When I first use it, the after wash feeling was pleasant because it was not drying on my face. After using it for a few times, I felt like it is not suitable for my face. Roughness on my skin formed after using it. Luckily it subsided after going to my usual cleanser. Perhaps it is too mild for my skin that  it does not clean well. Tried giving it a chance and use it a little more. The same result happen. So I did not use from then on.

I give the product 2/5.

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