Side-Talk: Papparich Singapore

Hello! Another side-talk post today haha. Visited Papparich at Star Vista with my sister about a month ago. I remembered that my sister submitted her thesis on that day and I was in school…studying alone. Usually I would be quite productive in school…but during my final year, school did not feel as conducive as before :/. Anyway back to the topic of Papparich, decided to go there for very early dinner because the drinks in the menu look so good.

I met my sister at Star Vista itself and then we settled at Papparich. Papparich location at Star Vista is quite obscure.  Had to walk around for quite some time until we found it. Papparich has really nice interior, unfortunately the air-con was not working on that day. Its interior has this vintage coffee shop feel to it. Papparich also kinda remind me of Old Town White Coffee, which also originates from Malaysia, except that Papparich has better food that Old Town White Coffee in my opinion.

Pappa Chicken Chop

Pappa Chicken Chop with curry sauce

I initially wanted to order Pappa Fish and Chips but I wrote the code on the orders sheet -.-. Only realised when Pappa Chicken Chop with curry sauce came. My sister ordered Pappa Chicken Chop (it comes with BBQ, the only difference from my dish). Personally, I prefer the BBQ sauce over the curry sauce. The Chicken itself is freshly cook, however I think the rice is pre-cooked. I find the food quite average.

You've gotta admit that this look hella good
We also ordered drinks. I had Soya milk pudding + Cincau and my sister had Soya Milk Chendol. Both were really good. I love the gula melaka (palm sugar) in our drinks! The gull melaka taste nicer that those I always tasted. Would really come back for the drinks but not the food. Wanna taste the soya milk with sesame ice cream when I come back next time.

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