Side-Talk: Rilek 1 Korner at Punggol Settlement

I have been lots of side talk on eateries haven't I? Here is another one.

My friend and I decided to go for cycling one. Our starting point was opposite Compass Point and our goal was the Punggol Settlement. We went through the cycling path that passes by the Punggol Waterway and Waterway Woodcress. It was a long route but the scenery was great. Luckily the weather was relatively cloudy.

Once we reached Punggol Settlement, we looked for a place to park of bikes but to no avail. I find it puzzling for such a park to not have anywhere to park the bike. We decide to bring up our bike to the second floor of Punggol Settlement where Rilek 1 Korner is located…it was pretty embarrassing haha.

We arrived as Rilek 1 Korner just as the sun was setting. The ambience was pretty nice, especially when ships passes by the place. By the way Rilek 1 Korner is the malay slang for Relax at one corner. Below are what we ordered and my opinion on each dish:

The iced milo really caught me by surprise. Honestly I did not expect much from an iced milo. I really like how they put the shaved chocolates on top of the drink. It gives a nice texture to it.

Kailan with Oyster Sauce $8
I feel that the Kailan with oyster sauce lack interns of saltiness. Hope they can improve it.

Sambal Stingray $18
The sambal stingray is really meaty, which is nice. But it lacks spiciness. It would also be nice if they could add more sauce to the stingray because we finished the sauce before we actually finished the fish.

Omelette with prawn $9
I have no complaint for the omelette. The prawns were abundant and it taste good. You can choose other meat than prawns.

We paid $40++ for 2 people, which is a little bit pricey but it was probably because we order the stingray. And I think each of the dish we ordered can feed three pax. Their ala carte menu is pretty cheap I think. I saw that it ranges from $7 to $10 if I am not wrong. Overall, I would only go there if I cycled there. I probably would order their drinks and the appetisers next time….especially their colourful mocktails!

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